Love & Other Disasters

The first openly nonbinary contestant on America’s favorite cooking show falls for their clumsy competitor in this delicious romantic comedy debut “that is both fantastically fun and crack your heart wide open vulnerable.” (Rosie Danan, author of The Roommate)

Recently divorced and on the verge of bankruptcy, Dahlia Woodson is ready to reinvent herself on the popular reality competition show Chef’s Special. Too bad the first memorable move she makes is falling flat on her face, sending fish tacos flying—not quite the fresh start she was hoping for. Still, she’s focused on winning, until she meets someone she might want a future with more than she needs the prize money. 

After announcing their pronouns on national television, London Parker has enough on their mind without worrying about the klutzy competitor stationed in front of them. They’re there to prove the trolls—including a fellow contestant and their dad—wrong, and falling in love was never part of the plan.

As London and Dahlia get closer, reality starts to fall away. Goodbye, guilt about divorce, anxiety about uncertain futures, and stress from transphobia. Hello, hilarious shenanigans on set, wedding crashing, and spontaneous dips into the Pacific. But as the finale draws near, Dahlia and London’s steamy relationship starts to feel the heat both in and outside the kitchen—and they must figure out if they have the right ingredients for a happily ever after.

Love & Other Disasters is my debut full-length novel, out from Forever Publishing on January 18, 2022! It is also a January main selection for Book of the Month.

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Love & Other Disasters will also be published in the UK by Headline Eternal (who created the cutest cover in the history of the world)!

“Kelly’s novel illustrates the truth that love calls for vulnerability from both parties—not merely in expressing honest feelings, but in accepting the other person for exactly who they are without limits. Kelly will whet your appetite from the first page, capping off the wonderful feast with the absolute sweetest of happy-ever-afters. A delectable queer romance.” — Kirkus, Starred Review

“Kelly perfectly captures the zeal Dahlia and London have for cooking as well as the passion they discover for each other in this chef’s-kiss debut that brilliantly explores the idea of being true to yourself with insight and compassion.” — Booklist, Starred Review

Love & Other Disasters is the first book in a three book series. While each book can stand alone, they all feature characters loosely connected to the Parker family of Nashville, Tennessee. Each book is queer and features a different gendered pairing. (HEAs guaranteed, always!)

Here are some sneak previews of the next books in the series!

Book 2

Love found on: the Pacific Crest Trail

Romantic pairing: m/m

Alternate Title: Wild but Like, Super Gay

Probably too many references to: birds

Weirdest thing I squeezed in there (currently): sentimentality over Little Debbie’s snack products

Book 3

Love found on: a basketball court

Romantic pairing: w/w

Alternate Title: The Only Book in My Nashville Series That Actually Takes Place in Nashville, wtf

Probably too many references to: Pat Summitt

Weirdest thing I squeezed in there (currently): a very necessary explanation of why all of Rory Gilmore’s love interests sucked