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Here are some teasers for my upcoming rom-coms-with-lots-of-feelings series from Forever Publishing, featuring a cast of queer characters who are loosely based in Nashville. Even though the first two books actually mainly take place in…California. It’s fine. Maybe facts like me thinking of this as my Nashville Series when only one book truly takes place there gives you insight into my brain and what you might expect from these books!!

More info, like exact release dates, covers, content warnings, maybe actual details about plot, who knows, will be forthcoming as 2022 gets closer! HEAs guaranteed.

Love & Other Disasters

[Image: onions, an ocean coastline, cows, spices poured into a mixing bowl with a measuring spoon, a couple in profile about to kiiiiiisssssss]

Love found on: the set of America’s favorite cooking show, Chef’s Special

Romantic pairing: nb/w

Alternate Title: MasterChef, with Fingerbanging

Probably too many references to: onions

Weirdest thing I squeezed in there: a (frankly inadequate) discussion of Sandra Bullock’s finest films

Will be an actual goddamn book in: Spring 2022

Book 2

[Image: long brown haired man looking up peacefully toward the sky, an acoustic guitar, a desert landscape, a small brown bird, a blonde man looking maybe a tiny bit full of the sads]

Love found on: the Pacific Crest Trail

Romantic pairing: m/m

Alternate Title: Wild but Like, Super Gay

Probably too many references to: birds

Weirdest thing I squeezed in there: sentimentality over Little Debbie’s snack products (specifically: Zebra Cakes and Strawberry Shortcake Rolls, obviously)

Book 3

[Image: the Nashville skyline, a coffee mug that reads: BEGIN, a basketball going through a basketball hoop, a strawberry blonde woman leaning her head on the shoulder of a dark haired woman]

Love found on: a basketball court

Romantic pairing: w/w

Alternate Title: The Only Book in My Nashville Series That Actually Takes Place in Nashville, wtf

Probably too many references to: Pat Summitt

Weirdest thing I squeezed in there: a very necessary explanation of why all of Rory Gilmore’s love interests sucked

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