• Monday, August 14th, 2023: Indie Romance Bookstore Day (Week) event with Alison Cochrun at Annie Bloom’s Books in Portland, OR @ 7pm; more information to come
  • Tuesday, August 15th, 2023: Panel with Regina Black, Jessica Joyce, and Alicia Thompson at The Ripped Bodice in Culver City, CA; more information to come
  • Friday & Saturday, August 18th & 19th, 2023: Steamy Lit Con (formerly The Rom Con) in Anaheim, CA; more details to come. If you would like to pre-order any of my books for this event (which can be picked up at the event and which I can then sign in person for you), including my self-pubbed novellas, you can order them through Meet Cute Bookshop. When checking out, please put “Pick up at Steamy Lit Con” in the comments box.

Recordings of Previous Events

  • Thank You for Coming Out: Podcast with Dubbs Weinblatt – Podcast recorded during the release of Love & Other Disasters. I discuss some of my own coming out experiences and my anxieties over writing a nonbinary character who doesn’t reflect my own exact experiences or presentation.
  • Happy to Meet Cute: Podcast with Falon Ballard & Courtney Kae – Podcast recorded during the release of Something Wild & Wonderful. I discuss some of the inspiration behind the book, the diversification of queer romance (& my anxieties over writing a variety of gendered pairings), & some irrelevant hiking stories lol.
  • Something Wild & Wonderful Book Event at Meet Cute Bookshop – A recording of my in-person event at Meet Cute Bookshop in San Diego, where I chat with Becca, the shop’s owner. We discuss my writing journey, writing books without plots, and the queer allyship of Tamora Pierce.