Top 20 Reads, First Half of 2021

My reading life has felt very off this year, which I’ve learned really throws my mental health. But maybe the actual reality is that everything has felt off this year.  I break these reading roundups into half because doing one big year-long roundup at the end of the year stresses me out—my memory is notContinue reading “Top 20 Reads, First Half of 2021”

25 Favorite Books: First Half of 2020

These are in no particular order (seriously) and are not exclusive to books published in 2020, but simply what I’ve personally read in 2020. So, like everything else about me, supes random! And my commentary below each one aren’t really reviews, per se, more like…just feelings about how that book made me feel. So, nowContinue reading “25 Favorite Books: First Half of 2020”