On Stick Season by Noah Kahan.

I don’t listen to albums anymore. It’s one of the truths of my adulthood that I am most personally ashamed about; it feels like such an utter betrayal of my younger self. And not even my teenage self, but my twenties self, too! Falling in love with an album is very akin to falling inContinue reading “On Stick Season by Noah Kahan.”

(Traditional) Publishing & Our Brains: We Are Not Equipped for This Shit

Recently for dayjob, I went to another training from Kevin Ashworth, founder of the Northwest Anxiety Institute. I’ve seen Kevin speak before, and I am a bit obsessed with him. He’s funny and smart and one of those presenters where everything he says has your brain and heart screaming yes and oh god it’s notContinue reading “(Traditional) Publishing & Our Brains: We Are Not Equipped for This Shit”

25 Favorite Books: First Half of 2020

These are in no particular order (seriously) and are not exclusive to books published in 2020, but simply what I’ve personally read in 2020. So, like everything else about me, supes random! And my commentary below each one aren’t really reviews, per se, more like…just feelings about how that book made me feel. So, nowContinue reading “25 Favorite Books: First Half of 2020”